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May 29, 2013
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Super Sailor Jupiter: Crystal Power by HoodedWoman Super Sailor Jupiter: Crystal Power by HoodedWoman
First, let me say a HUGE thank you to my friend :iconkapalaka:
She pushed me to make this costume and I have always adored Sailor Jupiter I just needed to push to actually make her costume so THANK YOU! She also made my earrings! <3

Where to begin on this costume....I just don't even.

The white is four way stretch knit from Joann's. I went with one of the heavier weights because I really didn't want the costume to become see through. I used the pattern most girls do for Sailor Uniforms: Green Pepper's pattern #517. I had seen my friend Cristine's costume up close and stole a lot of the ideas from her.

The skirt I rolled a bit of the knit and attached green bridal satin in small pleats all around it. It took me three attempts but this was my third attempt and it was much better than the others. The skirt is a separate piece from the body suit and attached through snaps. I stole this idea from Kapalaka because it was brilliant! Now the skirt can be switched so I can do other Sailor Scouts! The Green sailor collar was something I drafted myself and just modified until I was happy with how it laid on the body suit. I then made some simple white bias and sewed it along the collar for the stripe details.

The pick bows were made...well as bows that I filled with minimal poly fill for a little more body! I made the two tails for the bows separately and attached them to the base of my skirt with a firm zig-zag stitch. Then, I hand sewed the "butt bow" over it to secure it in place. The front bow was attached with a safety pin (OMG, HACKS AND CHEATS) due to time restraints...but I'll be adding a snap next time. All the bows were made of pink bridal satin from Joann's.

The sleeves are rolled knit filled with Poly Fill that I attached clear upholstery vinyl to for the wing. The glove rolls are the same green bridal Satin that I straight stitched to add the separation in rolls and then filled with Poly fill! They were all so fluffy and comfy!!

The heart was made by :iconadrianakaninja: out of model magic. I then finished and painted it. Then, one last coat of green nail polish was added for a nice seal and finish.

I still feel I have room for improvement on this costume...but I really love Jupiter and I have some amazing gals to cosplay scouts with so it was a TON of fun. This is a costume I will improve on maybe not as Jupiter...but maybe a different scout. <3

Make-up by :iconfantasyninja:
Photo by: :iconstillreflection:

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Awesome photo.the best I have seen.
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